Long Island Serial Killers

This is the short version of the story:

George William Lyzak Jr currently of East Setauket, New York is mainly responsible for the Gilgo Beach murder victims. However he works as murder-for-hire with the Suffolk County Lucchese Family (one of the five Mafia families in NY) so there are more people involved. His “boss” is actually a female named Dawn M. Morrison of 309 Parkside Ave in Miller Place New York. She has made large donations to the Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone who then in turn gets to appoint the Chief of Police for Suffolk County, such as James Burke. By having power over the Chief of police, the Lucchese family then has influence over the approximately 2,500 good police officers that are under the Chief’s control.

James Burke and members of SERT also attended “sex parties” with escorts from craigslist, where various drugs like viagara, MDMA, and cocaine were used.

These escorts were later killed by George Lyzak. This is very similar to blackmail, giving the Lucchese Family power over the Suffolk County Chief of Police and making him equally culpable to George’s murder of the sex worker, maybe even with the Police Chief’s DNA still inside or on the clothing of the murdered sex worker.

Recently George has changed his modus operandi and instead of chopping up his victims and leaving them for years in the marshes of Gilgo Beach, he has recently gone on a killing spree in Port Jefferson New York in 2021. He has stabbed one victim on the Greenview trail. Some of his victims are purely random, he just can’t stop killing. He has gotten away with his crimes for nearly 25 years now and nearly 200+ victims. His victims have mostly been strangled (putting his thumb in the victims hollow space, the front center of the neck), but he also shoots others and makes it appear to be a suicide (James Bissett shot under his chin in a parking lot), and other sex workers and homeless people have been stabbed to death (they are killing practice for him, from California to New York).

He gets his victims to turn off their cell phone because he just demands it. John Egan knows this because he is a survivor of George Lyzak’s attempt to kill him on more than one occasion, dating back to December of 2011. George used to work as the bouncer at Oasis strip club in Smithtown, NY. John was lured out to the parking lot by “Irina”, real name Oksana Lyzak, where George was hiding in the backseat of Anthony Tesoriero’s car.

George had used a steel wire to strangle John, but Anthony came out just in time to save John’s life. Since George worked as the bouncer, he erased the security footage. He allowed John to live because John made a police report with George Lyzak’s name on it one month prior (as shown in the photo below).

George decided that killing John would bring more police attention to that report. John promised George that he wouldn’t file another police report, and John’s subsequent arrest for Aggravated Criminal Contempt ironically kept him alive for the next 9 years. But John never made any promises about not making a website.

In fact, George also stole John’s drivers license one of the nights John was detained at Riverhead SCCF from 10/27/2011 to 11/01/2011. Since they look similar, George then used John’s identity in West Virginia and San Fransico during 2015; continuing to kill people (San Fransico’s homeless population and sex workers) while John was in a maximum security prison in upstate New York from 2013 to 2017.

Mary and William Morrison used to own and operate “LoveM Shelter” which laundered money for the Lucchese family and over charged Suffolk County to house homeless people that never existed, reaching an amount of nearly $900,000 before she was convicted and made to pay a fine. Interestingly, George’s new victims in Port Jefferson are now blamed on “homeless people and drug addicts” in the main stream media. They are being commited by George W. Lyzak Junior!

All the FBI has to do is just get a DNA sample from George’s trash and match it to the belt that was formerly William Morrison’s. George planted it at the crime scene to frame William Morrison (W or M when flipped and H for Hecate) and since George touched the belt, it has George’s mitochondrial DNA on it. George wants desperately to frame these crimes on someone else to close the LISK case.

George Lyzak using a blurry photo on Social Media to avoid facial recognition technology

This is the long version of the story:

LISK aka the Long Island Serial Killers, are George William Lyzak Jr., formerly of 25 Rocky Hill Rd in Mount Sinai, NY and Fred Pannhurst Sr. of the same address, living in the basement. Here is a photo of George Lyzak’s ID, so you can know his face in case he tries to impersonate law enforcement.

This photo may help the NY FBI as James Bissett was killed about a week after this photo was taken

George Lyzak had advertised a room for rent on Craigslist on or about October 1st 2011. Regina Mazzarelli found the listing at the time and called George to make arrangements to see the room. Regina was the girlfriend and fiance of John Egan at the time, even though there was an active “stay-away” order of protection between John and Regina, they were with each other everyday of 2011 and maintained their relationship from December 28th 2010 until November 7th 2012. Regina arranged for George to meet John Egan with $500 for the room, no security deposit, no lease.

George promptly showed the upstairs room, and said that the room was only available until December 1st 2011 and that this was only for short term use, George was supposed to be a property manager working for the real owner of the house in Florida, a pastor from Port Jefferson, NY. John later found out that George had been keeping all the money as property manager and not giving any rent income to the real owner.

George converted the living room, dining room, basement, and three upstairs rooms all into separate bedrooms and was renting each room out to various individuals for $500 to $700 each, over $3,600 in monthly income to George in cash. George was actually a squatter who managed to turn on the electric of an empty house using a forged letter to PSEG with George as tenant.

After George filled the house up with individual renters from Craigslist, he terrorized the real owner of the house in Florida to pay George Lyzak (blackmail) and all sub-tenants (sub-lease) to leave the house before the December 1st 2011 deadline (Fred than wouldn’t leave without a cut of the blackmail that George was getting) before a “short sale”.

Within five minutes of seeing the place, George offered the room key for the $500 and said they could move in that moment. Regina shook his hand and laughed saying “you look like the type who would try to frame him for a crime he didn’t do and then try to f *ck his girlfriend”, George laughed and said “have we met before?”

John laughed awkwardly and was a little embarrassed over Regina’s unusual outburst. George said, “we have a don’t ask, don’t tell policy around here, I mean I could tell you about my whole life story… but then I’d have to kill you!”

After about three weeks of living there, John had still told no one else that he had moved to 25 Rocky Hill Rd and he got arrested after an argument he had with Regina on 10/27/11 as they were setting up for a backyard haunted halloween party with Manny Roman, and John spent six days in county jail for criminal contempt (being in Regina’s presence) until he was released on his own recognizance on 11/01/11.

John’s room was burglarized during his six days in Suffolk County Correctional Facility and someone that lived in the house had to have been the perpetrator.

John told George Lyzak that his laptop, drivers license, video camera, and DJ equipment were stolen, George said, “No one steals from anyone in my house. We’ll get to the bottom of this together.”

George was an absolute expert at diversion and tried to convince John Egan that Michael Freire, who’s bedroom was the living room on the first floor, had a substance abuse history, and that he found Michael’s blue credit card that had been broken in half in Michael’s bedroom and that there was blue streak marks in the door jam where John Egan’s bedroom door had been pushed in by sliding the blue credit card in the door jam.

John realized much later that George was the actual thief and was trying to frame Michael, and that George took Michael’s credit card, purposely snapped it, rubbed it on the door frame upstairs, then slid it back into Michael’s wallet while he left his wallet unattended in the living room.

At the time John had never filed a police report before in his life and told both Fred and George that he wanted to make a report for the purposes of deducting the value of the burglarized items on his tax returns in April 2012. George than told John that he couldn’t stick around to talk to the responding officer because he hates police and Fred then volunteered the info that there was an active warrant for his arrest and if John needed to call 911, Fred would be downstairs and planned on keeping his basement door locked.

Here is a copy of the police report:

John discovered that the Suffolk County Police don’t ever dust for any fingerprints in burglaries. John was told that most burglary perpetrators were arrested when they try to sell stolen goods to pawn shops, and even then the burgular is only charged with possession of stolen property, a NYS misdemeanor. Burglars have to be caught in the act, red handed, which was reported to be very rare.

After this report was made, George Lyzak Jr., who was the property manager a.k.a. slum landlord of the house, was overheard talking to Fred Pannhurst downstairs about the possibility of killing John for listing their names on the police report and taking him for a trip to “the Beach”. Fred Pannhurst told George Lyzak that neither of them was a suspect (S) in the report and that (O) indicated who had keys to the room that was burglarized. Since the officer’s note says the door jam paint was chipped and the lock was bypassed, it clears Fred and George as suspects.

George met with John the next day after the police report was made, and said that he had done some investigative work of his own, discovering a business card to a taxi driver in Michael’s room and called that taxi driver. The taxi driver (according to George) confirmed that Michael had called him up for a ride to a known drug dealer’s house and had a laptop with him, the same night as the burglary. John was excited about the possibility of getting his laptop back, it had original music and book work that had not been backed up anywhere else, to John the laptop was priceless due to the files that were saved on it. John told George that even if the laptop had been reformated, John had software that could recover the lost files that were only marked for deletion but not yet written over.

George said, “I have a plan, this is a known party house, they will party hard on Saturday night, we should go there on Sunday morning and just ring the doorbell, wait for the guy to come to the door.” John thought for a minute, he knew that the county police weren’t ever gonna get a permit to search the house or do any real investigative work, he asked George, “then what do I do after I ring the doorbell?” George smiled, and grabbed a frying pan from the kitchen, “you just hit him over the head, and then grab your laptop and leave, he won’t call the police, he’s a drug dealer”.

George said that he had the exact address of the house where the laptop was kept, and said that he had actually bought “molly” from that same house before. John said, “What if the guy has a gun? He could just shoot me once in the head and not even do a day in jail because he could claim self defense”

George smiled again, “He probably does have a gun, but I know that the laptop is there. I went there yesterday to cop some molly and I saw your laptop right there on the coffee table.” John found out much later that George knew where the laptop was because George traded it for MDMA.

John asked, “you take ecstacy?” George than divulged that his Russian mail order wife works for the Oasis strip club in Smithtown NY and that he was buying it for strippers that his wife worked with. George himself worked doing construction in Manhattan. He actually used various pills and drugs on his victims before sexually assaulting and killing them.

John didn’t realize this at the time, but George was trying to get John killed at this point for filing the police report that recorded George’s name as a person who had a key to John’s room, as George was the property manager of the house at 25 Rocky Hill Road in Mount Sinai.

George then told John Egan that the taxi business card had actually been found by Fred Pannhurst and that Fred was probably the one responsible for stealing John’s laptop. George said that Fred had a storage unit that was filled with stolen property.

It was becoming a bad game of Clue where suddenly everyone in the house had a criminal history and was a suspect.

George and Fred had some kind of falling out at this time because Fred refused to leave the house by the short sale deadline of 12/1/11, and George managed to get Fred arrested on his wedding anniversary by calling the police with a tip that Fred Pannhurst was drinking alcohol at 25 Rocky Hill Road in Mount Sinai, causing a noise disturbance, and that there was an active warrant for assault. Keep in mind that Fred and George are both serial killers, both living together, and formerly aiding and abetting each others crimes.

Fred spent one day in county jail before getting released by his wife Amanda Pannhurst, and didn’t know that George was the one that put Fred there with an anonymous call tipping the police.

George than told John Egan to empty the house of everyone’s possessions and change the locks during the time that Fred was in jail. George had anonymously called the police on Fred from out of state, as George routinely traveled to North Carolina, Florida, and California, where other LISK victims can be found.

You can begin to see how the “Long Island Serial Killer” aka LISK is actually a misnomer.

One night when Fred was passed out drunk, John went onto Fred’s PC and snapped some photos of the saved passwords, thinking that his stolen property would be found inside of Fred’s Public Storage unit on Route 25A. This was a creative way that George was plotting against John, because Fred would have killed John if he knew that John snapped photos of all his saved passwords.

Once looking inside Fred’s account, John noticed that Fred had access to homemade videos, someone with George’s stature in a black ski mask, sexually assaulting prostitutes. These videos could only be described as murder-porn or snuff films where the victim is forced to pretend that she enjoys being sexually violated. As soon as she can’t pretend anymore, such as crying or asking the perpetrator to stop, the victim is killed by strangulation by the guy in the black ski mask. The Long Island Serial Killer then chopped up his victims into small pieces and spread them across Suffolk County.

Possession of these “snuff films” alone is a serious crime, which is why former Suffolk County Police Chief, James Burke, nearly beat Christopher Loeb to death while he was shackled in full view of police precinct surveillance at the Hauppauge precinct.

James Burke was a customer who bought snuff films and George Lyzak gladly supplied Burke with the murder porn after he filmed it. George realized that by selling this type of porn, he would be effectively blackmailing the Suffolk County chief of police, getting immunity for the Suffolk County Lucchese family in the process.

Lucchese can then extend its influence over the approximately 2,500 officers under the control of the Suffolk County police chief. The chief of police is appointed by the Suffolk County Executive, Steve Bellone. With the financial power of La Cosa Nostra, bribing a County Executive to appoint a certain police officer like James Burke to chief of police is feasible.

James Burke, Investigator Santa Cruz, and other S.E.R.T. members, which stands for the “Sheriffs Emergency Response Team”, are implicated at a sex party, where one of the sex workers eventually was killed by George Lyzak, so that George has made each member of the group equally culpable, that’s how blackmail works.

James Bissett, the owner of Bissett Nursery in Holtsville knew too much information and had just been contacted as a person of interest by county police. Bissett Nursery had sold burlap sacks to both George and Fred, the same burlap the victims were found in.

James Bissett met with George one night in a parking lot on the North Fork of Long Island and George managed to shoot him under his chin while James was still sitting in his drivers seat, leaving the gun behind, making it appear to be a suicide.

One night, Fred Pannhurst was drinking beer and spontaneously volunteered that the prostitutes that were found on Gilgo Beach all had “AIDS” and that they were spreading disease around to all their clients, that the world would be “better off without them”. This is how they justify their crimes.

John had never even heard of Gilgo Beach before and didn’t own a TV. There is an old saying that “a guilty mind tells on itself”, and that Fred’s drinking had made him more talkative. George Lyzak worked doing construction in New York City and would sometimes call the victims families on a cellphone that formerly belonged to the victim from busy places like Penn Station or Grand Central Station in Manhattan. He did it just to play mind games, and listen to Amanda Barthelemy get hysterical.

This is a photo however of a woman who wasn’t a prostitute, the Russian mail-order ex-wife of George William Lyzak Jr:

Oksana V. Lyzak, born 02/15/86, was originally from Russia and married George for citizenship, but George really wanted a wife. She worked part-time as a stripper in Smithtown, NY. After a few incidences of violence between them, Oksana had George involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric center for evaluation. When George got out of the psychiatric center it is believed that he got his revenge on her, making her disappear like so many of his other victims.

One day in December 2011, John was visiting another property that George managed, at 110 Franklin St Port Jefferson Village, NY. George used to live at the address with Oksana and 4 others, including renting out a bedroom in the attic. This is the location where George strangled Oksana to death, in the second floor bedroom, and then chopped her up into pieces to be left at various places in Suffolk County.

When George showed John the garage of the house he produced a sawsall and tried to sell it to John for $20, he said it was worth $200. John asked, “why do you wanna sell it?” George responded “because it gives me nightmares…” John then responded “Why would it give you nightmares?” George yelled, “Shut up! You ask too many questions”. This sawsall at the above address is suspected to have been the tool used to chop up the victims found at Gilgo Beach. If found there it may also have DNA evidence on the blades.

The following week George asked John to drive him to the airport. John said he had to go to District Court that same morning in December 2011. George said that MacArthur Airport in Islip was on the way to District Court in Islip. He needed to be picked up at 110 Franklin Street in Port Jefferson. During this car ride George said that he should send John “up to God” for filing that police report.

John assured him that it was done to deduct the amount of the stolen goods from the taxes he owes in April 2012, as a capital loss, since John itemizes and files his own taxes. George than started yelling that John is crazy for staying with Regina after he was arrested in October 2011.

George started cursing in John’s face and said that he can make John disappear and that he could become John (George had already taken John’s drivers license the same week when John’s room was burglarized). George than stated “Anyone who calls the cops on me or signs a statement with my name on it is a dead man! But I don’t need to kill you, that girl Regina will put you in prison for nearly a decade!”

John realized afterwards that George Lyzak took orders from a woman named Dawn Morrison, living at 309 Parkside Ave Miller Place, who was advising George. Dawn practiced a dark form of Stregheria, worshipping Asmodeus, the Prince of Demons, and she was instructing George Lyzak how to ritualistically kill these victims and use their blood to make offerings to an evil group egregore that was helping her.

Dawn is associated with the Lucchese family, one of the five organized crime families of La Cosa Nostra on Long Island. She also pays money for a voodoo practitioner to put curses on various targets using human blood. John Egan found himself the victim of her dark magick blood hexes during October 2012 after Regina complained to Dawn about John dating Amber Bagnardi. As John’s landlord, Dawn definitely had access to various items of John’s property.

Dawn Morrison is sisters with Mary Morrison of TheMorrisonFoundation.com which is the new front for tax evasion, as the online form for potential candidates to fill out has been broken from 2017 to 2020. Mary Morrison already has a history of using 501-c organizations to scam the public of money.

Before she “won” the lottery, she was sued by Suffolk County to pay back nearly a million dollars, for LoveM Shelter which was overcharging the state for services that were supposed to be allocated to provide shelter for homeless people.

Also the “Graceful Rose” restaurant of Port Jefferson where it is stated that the Morrison family, William and Mary Morrison, “won” a $165 million dollar lottery. The restaurant itself was named after Dawn, Mary, and Richard Morrison’s grandmother Grace Esposito, and his great-grandmother Rose Nocera, who was married to Pasquale Esposito.

Rose Nocera’s parents were Giuseppe Nocera, born 1787 and Maria Giovanna Lucchese, born 1797.

Michael Lucchese was the grandfather of Thomas Gaetano Lucchese, who the Lucchese family is named after. Tommy’s aunt, which is Dawn’s double great grandmother, Maria Giovanna Lucchese, is pictured here on the left standing.

Winning Mega Millions jackpots legitimizes illegally made money.

Dawn Morrison and her sister Mary Morrison’s former house is located at 143 Magnolia Drive Rocky Point, NY. Skeleton remains were found in the backyard, under the above ground pool sand, which was completely drained at that time.

Dawn claimed that the house was built on top of an “old native american burial ground”, which John believed in 2011, but noticed that Dawn said multiple times “no digging in the backyard” and was very protective of the shed, putting large padlocks on it even though it was empty and periodically checking on it. The shed is most likely above a mass grave site.

John began renting from Dawn Morrison the house on 143 Magnolia Drive from December 2011 to April 2012. During this time he fixed up Dawn’s childhood home, that was left empty and uninhabited since they won the Mega Millions jackpot.

After John spent all of January and February 2012 fixing and repairing the house with Regina’s help he began sub-leasing it out to Danny DeLuca who was formerly homeless, his girlfriend dying of exposure to the cold weather less than a year prior in Rocky Point, and Jason, who worked as a Lindy’s taxi driver on Route 25A in Mount Sinai.

All three, Regina, Danny, and Jason witnessed how George Lyzak stomped his foot into the front door to break it open at 143 Magnolia Drive in Rocky Point. This happened during April 2012 and all the above mentioned tenants are witnesses to how George jumped on John’s chest and started to strangled him to the point where John was about to pass out.

George puts his thumbs in the hollow space of the neck below the cricoid cartilage and above the sternal notch to strangle his victims and prevent them from yelling for help. Dawn managed to get George to stop killing John by simply saying “there are too many witnesses here”. Danny DeLuca went missing shortly after this time. Danny blamed Dawn for his girlfriends death, as Dawn was collecting federal grant money for LoveM Shelter (over $900,000), billing insurance for homeless people that never existed, allowing real homeless people like Danny DeLuca’s girlfriend to die from exposure in the process.

John got up and saw George start punching himself in the face. Once John realized why he was doing it, John claimed “Don’t worry, I’m not going to call the police on you George”.

Dawn was upset at the time that John had moved in two sublets. John thought that Dawn’s text messages in February permitted the rent John collected from the sublets could be used to pay for the house repairs.

Dawn hadn’t recieved any money from John since February 2012 and wanted the house to be empty again after it was fixed. She sent George to “rattle the cage” so to speak, as the time period for legal eviction by the Sheriff’s office can be dragged out for months by the tenant in court.

John went visiting Dawn’s house at 309 Parkside Ave in Miller Place, NY, during the month of March 2012, to talk about using the sublet’s first month rent to pay for the extensive vandalism repairs to the walls, floor, radiators, and plumbing, with before and after photos and the receipts for all the supplies and materials.

During this visit John noticed Dawn Morrison had access to police uniforms, specifically S.E.R.T. uniforms, allowing her hired muscle to impersonate the police with fake “no-knock” warrants. Kidnapping or framing anyone that knows too much information.

They have framed, kidnapped, or killed over 200-plus victims in the past 24 years as a team. Illegal wire-taps, obstructing the FBI from investigating cases, and even blackmailing or bribing other members of Suffolk PD. Only the FBI can arrest this criminal organization that extends its power with the Sheriff Emergency Response Team.

During the time of John’s incarceration for criminal contempt from November 2012 to July 2017, he gave George Lyzak’s computer to his lawyer Scott Gross, who told John that he handed it over to the ADA Josh Bengis during October 2013. Josh Bengis represented the office of D.A. Thomas Spota. Thomas Spota will be serving a five year sentence himself starting in December 2021.

Christopher Loeb being severly beaten, nearly to death, while shackled in full view of Hauppauge precinct cameras which were then subsequently deleted, is only one case out of many injustices by Spota’s team of corrupt public officials. Loeb was also threatened with being held down and injected with a “hot shot” of fentanyl since he had a drug abuse history. He was allowed to live because James Burke decided that “nobody would believe a (heroin) junkie anyway”. Christopher Loeb is another witness to these “snuff films” that were found in James Burke’s vehicle that shows George Lyzak in a ski mask.

John Egan committed a burglary to obtain the computer evidence against George Lyzak in April 2013. The statute of limitations on burglary in New York State is seven years, committed in April 2013, admitted to in October 2013, expired in 2020.

At the time Judge Efman did not believe John’s vigilante testimony and declared him “paranoid and delusional”, even though all the details were accurate. He also testified about SERTs involvement in Gilgo Beach when he was in the custody of New York State’s Sheriff, and how Regina Mazzarelli was in real danger.

John Egan has since been actively seeking the help of the FBI in New York, the former District Attorney Timothy Sini, and the Attorney General of New York State, Letita James.

Since the Long Island Lucchese family has either bought or blackmailed many police officers in Suffolk County, reaching the right people has become a serious issue

sent Monday December 21st, 2020
before Dawn became an FBI informant

So Dawn Morrison can’t say to anyone that she doesn’t know John Egan, or that she’s never heard of him.

December 2021 Update:

If you are wondering why the FBI have not made any arrests yet in the Long Island Serial Killer case, it is because Dawn Morrison is an FBI informant. She has acted on her own, without the consent of the Lucchese family, to give the names of 14 Colombo family members to the FBI, leading to their arrest and indictments during September of 2021.

Dawn has broken the code of La Cosa Nostra for ratting on the Colombo family to the FBI.

Dawn Morrison does not deserve any immunity from prosecution for conspiracy to murder and she certainly does not deserve any protection from the Lucchese family. The blood she collected from the LISK victims have been used in her vampiric blood rituals to put hexes on other members of La Cosa Nostra. She also does “binding spells” to put a target in prison.

Causing the target of a curse to have confusion and bad luck is one example of how a hex works. The fact that one Lucchese family associate is secretly attacking associates and members of the “rival” Colombo family needs to be known by La Cosa Nostra.

The FBI must be crazy if they think Dawn Morrison deserves immunity from the prosecution of conspiracy to murder, for over 200+ victims during the past 25 years, in exchange for getting 14 members of the Colombo family arrested on the lesser crimes of rackteering, extortion, and bribery.

These types of backdoor deals that are not known to the public is an injustice to all of the Gilgo Beach victims and their families. It breaks the public trust in the legal system, and makes the organizations who protect the perpetrators equally culpable in the deaths of so many innocent victims that were murdered by the actions of Dawn Morrison, George Lyzak, and Fred Pannhurst working together as a team.

Dawn’s ability to bribe politicians like Steve Bellone, blackmail real Suffolk County police officers like SERT, direct a serial killer like George Lyzak to murder who she wants, laundering millions through her sister Mary Morrison’s fake 501-c like “LoveM Shelter” and the “Morrison Foundation” represents a very real and serious threat.

You don’t have to be a homeless person or a sex worker to be a victim of the Long Island Serial Killer.

Long Island Serial Killer in California
The above video was filmed in Santa Clarita, CA
George Lyzak killed Crystal Morrison in North Carolina for reasons that are still unknown to the author of this website. Her death seems to have been ordered by the Morrison family.
Another reason this case belongs with the FBI

Here are the “bad guys”:

1) The former Suffolk County Chief of Police, James Burke. If the Lucchese Family control the boss, then they have corrupted the 2,500 “good” police under his control.

2) Appointed by Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone. Mr. Bellone accepts bribes from the Lucchese Family in return for appointing who they want. James Burke and Geraldine Hart included. In fact, when John Egan went to Geraldine Hart on 12/21/20, she was the one who went to Dawn Morrison and got her to be an FBI informant, then Mrs. Hart resigned a couple months later. She showed John Egan mercy in doing so. Stuart Cameron also resigned January 2022. Not many county police officers are willing to arrest other county police officers in their own department. It serves justice, but it’s bad for public relations and officer morale.

3) George William Lyzak, former landlord of John Egan’s is the primary, murder for hire, serial killer. From California, Florida, West Virginia, North Carolina, and New York. He used to work construction in Manhattan, then was fired after wearing John’s blue Timberland boots that he stole from John, and kicking a hole in a project wall.

After that he became the bouncer at Oasis Strip Club in Smithtown where he continued to kill various strippers who worked off the books, most of them from Russia, some who worked in Smithtown but lived in Brighton Beach, NY.

George is also involved with William Farnum’s sisters and fathers death. George put a gun to Billy’s head with no bullets in it, and made him have sex with his sister after she was already dead. Then George killed Billy’s father and cut him to pieces, making Billy watch. Instead of disposing the two victim’s bodies all over the county, George thought it would be less work just to frame Billy for it. Billy got into a high speed car chase and the news reports that Billy died from broken glass in his neck after the car accident. However before the high speed chase, George Lyzak was the one who ran from the passenger seat, slit Billy’s throat during the traffic stop before running off, and Billy then drove into a telephone pole. The lack of details found in any media outlet that covered this story is alarming and proves how much power and control the Lucchese family actually has in Suffolk County.

I could go on with most of the victims, but I’m painfully aware about how nobody really wants to hear about it after nearly ten years of asking for the help of anyone in a position of power to do something about it.

George also framed Dr. Peter Hackett by placing a call to Shannon Gilbert’s mother from inside Hackett’s house when Dr. Hackett stepped outside his house to talk with Suffolk County sheriffs. George got Mrs. Gilbert’s number after killing Shannon and stealing her cellphone, noticing she had called 911 (he usually steals the victims phone) then throwing the phone in the marshes of Oak Beach.

The Suffolk County SERT (Sheriff Emergency Response Team) helped George control the scene on that night as well. Sheriff’s seem to outrank Suffolk County police at crime scenes. That’s why the 911 call that was never released, states “they” are trying to kill me when Shannon Gilbert was running door to door, down the street, on the phone with a 911 dispatcher begging for help. Then this 911 call was suppressed by Suffolk County Police Department for over ten years, aiding and abetting the crime. Also, the autopsy reports there were no drugs found in Shannon Gilbert’s body, she had a good reason to freak out when one neighbor offered to call the police for help, she knew a member of SERT was trying to kill her, or George Lyzak and Fred Pannhurst in SERT uniforms.

4) Fred Pannhurst, who is responsible for the victims found on Gilgo Beach that were not dismembered. He also seems to have an alcohol and porn addiction as John noticed that Fred got drunk nearly every night when they were living together. Also his computer had loads of “murder porn” which seemed to have been being sold on the black market online. The purposes could have been for profit or even blackmail, but it’s not clear.

5) And the top leader of them all, Dawn Morrison. A strong psychic, and a direct descendant of Tommy Gaetano Lucchese himself.

Plus the six members of the Sheriff Emergency Response Team make a total of eleven people collectively known as “LISK”.

For anyone who wants to submit a FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) about John Egan’s call to the NY FBI at 5:38pm EST on 10/29/21, they can see how the FBI laughed at, interrupted, talked over, and instructed John Egan to call the Suffolk County Police Department, before the NY FBI archived the conversation.

In January and February 2022, John Egan wrote an email to the Supervising ADA of Suffolk County, NY. Waited a week, got no response. Then a second email to the Supervising ADA after his first email address was blocked, still no response. Third week, another email from a third email address, with still no response, just as all other previous agencies had done.

However, the Supervising ADA was sending and forwarding all three emails to the Long Island Serial Killer Task Force. Ignoring the instructions to call the NY FBI.

The Long Island Serial Killer Task Force, is comprised of Suffolk County homicide detectives and several Suffolk County Sheriffs. Obviously reporting a crime about SERT, to the Suffolk County Sheriffs, is not a laughing matter at all. In fact, it would logically lead to the death of even more innocent people.

Finally on February 25th at 4:50pm, John Egan spoke to Suffolk County Homicide Detective Ron Leli, where he was told that they would not be collecting the DNA from George Lyzak’s trash even though trash left out on the street is public property, not even needing a warrant. Detective Ron Leli claimed “anyone can make a website” and doesn’t give him any probable cause. He had no intention to test George Lyzak’s DNA, not even to rule him out as a suspect. John was then told to see his “psychiatrist” and to “take his meds”.

What about the skeletal remains in the backyard of 143 Magnolia Dr, Rocky Point? What about the three times George tried to kill John Egan in front of many witnesses? What about all those witnesses that are still alive to corroborate the events of this website, their names, dates, locations?

This must be the effects of Dawn Morrison’s vampiric hexes, which effects the judgment and decisions of others.

Keep in mind that John Egan had previously been sentenced to 9 years in prison due to ONE person’s testimony for a non-violent felony accusation of Aggravated Criminal Contempt and Criminal Contempt in the first degree ran consecutively, from Regina Mazzarelli, with no corroborating evidence, just a photo of an injury. A woman that called him up 86 times in one day, harrassing him, and threatening to kill herself if John continued ignoring her. A person who had an order of protection AGAINST John, calling him up 86 times and he answered once, which the Assistant District Attorney Josh Bengis focused on during the August 2014 trial. Now all of a sudden this mountain of evidence, solving the case, and handing it to the detective in charge wasn’t worth anything?

This website was created in an effort to provide the missing details of what has already been reported in the media, in chronological order. The other victims mentioned in the news were found on Craigslist as escorts, contacted from a simple cheap flip phone (George had several), offered large sums of cash (which would just later be stolen back), and told to shut off their own cellphones. George provided water bottles spiked with MDMA to the girls, he took viagra, and told them all to say “yes” “harder” or “oh God” to arrouse him.

Once they couldn’t take the sexual violation and torture anymore they were all strangled to death, then dismembered and disposed off in burlap or trash bags. These crimes are truly horrific and represents the worst thing that one human can do to another. The fact that George was getting protection from blackmailing the former Suffolk County Chief of Police James Burke along with S.E.R.T., help from the Lucchese family, and help from Dawn Morrison, who is currently an FBI informant as of 2021, is alarming.

For those readers who may think that John Egan is “paranoid and delusional” after reading this, they are simply a bad judge of character. He has an IQ of 148, which measure’s a persons ability to adapt to any situation. He is a member of the International High IQ Society, has a precognitive ability, and was recently recognized by Who’s Who of America on December 14th 2020, citing his experience as an Emergency Medical Technician in New York City, and the many near death situations he has already survived, dating back to September 11th 2001. Everything in his life has prepared him for the first week of May 2024.